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11/17/2011 9:04:14 AM
Question about the 2-man Canoe One of the best tips for the canoe leg is basically stay in the middle of the river most of the time. You'll see many canoes going back and forth to each bank of the river, thinking the current will move them faster, but that is not the case. In addition, practice paddling with your partner on say, Lake Padden, so that you both can get used to each other, and develop some sort of rhythm, and can practice your paddling moves. When you do practice on the river, make sure you go with other canoes, so that you could assist each other if someone dunks. Never go alone with only one canoe on the river, unless you are a very experienced canoeist. Lastly, I would highly suggest that you contact a few places to see if they may offer a one day canoe class. I would start with the Community Boating Center in Fairhaven. Finally, you should contact the Whatcom County Canoe Club at: http://whatcomcanoeclub.home.comcast.net/~whatcomcanoeclub/
4/2/2012 8:54:12 PM
Gear Rental List for Northwest Here is a Rental list of stores in the NW (from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC) where you can rent gear for the Ski to Sea Race. http://www.skitosea.com/Assets/skitosea_gear_rentals.pdf
4/2/2012 8:56:29 PM
Double Here's a list of places that rent canoes that can be used in the ski to sea race: http://www.skitosea.com/Assets/skitosea_gear_rentals.pdf
4/2/2012 9:04:06 PM
MTB equipment clarification for 2012 Equipment:
There will be no restrictions on what bike you can use. Any bike can be used,including cyclocross bikes. The exception is recumbents, keeping in mind that there will be mud, loose gravel, grass, basic off road conditions. No tire width restrictions will be used either. (Sorry for the confusion, the website has been updated.)
3/20/2013 8:37:36 AM
Experienced Kayaker Looking to Join Team Kayaker with many years of experience doing the Ski to Sea wants to join a team. Recreational teams are fine. Call John R. at 360-201-6904.
5/20/2013 2:25:02 PM
Need Runner, Free Entry, Stay overnight on Mtn. Masters Team needs a Runner, will pay $50 to cover expenses, paid entry, with a place to stay at Ski area. Call Duncan at 360-739-4667 asap.
3/11/2014 12:02:12 PM
Experienced Kayaker Have done over 25 Ski to Sea races, experienced Kayaker wants to join a team. Won 1st and 3rd place in past year's race, now finish somewhere in middle of pack. willing to be on Recreational team or Competitive Team. Call me, John Reay, 360-201-6904, Email Jreay98225@aol.com
5/1/2014 6:06:25 PM
XC Skier NEEDED Looking for XC skier, for local Whatcom County team. Speed is not important, but having fun is very important. Just racing to finish. Call Janet 360-966-4362, or 360-220-4784.
5/16/2014 9:53:22 AM

In case you have participants still looking for a canoe rental, we have 16'8" canoes available for race weekend. These canoes have been rented from us for past races and pass the race regulations. The cost is $70 for 2 days with the day the boat is pickup up and dropped off not counted as days as long as the pickup is after 4 and the return is before 2. So, someone could pick up the canoe on Friday at 4 and return it Monday at 2 and this would could as 2 days. Cost includes lifejackets, paddles and a marine safety kit.


Damien Liu
Director of Operations
Deer Lake Boat Rentals
(604) 839-3949
Main Website:

Group Reservation Information:http://deerlakeboatrentals.com/group-reservations/

Like us on Facebook:

5/24/2014 10:31:30 AM
Full Team Needs All 8 Racers Unbelievable offer-There is a team that cannot participate in the race, and is willing to turn over their entries to a new team, for a negotiated fee. Contact Wayland at cell number 206-226-2377 for details.
2/10/2015 10:06:15 AM
How this works The main purpose of this forum is to allow folks who want to race in the Ski to Sea to join this "Orphan's List" The Orphan's List is for anyone who needs a find a team to join, or for teams to post messages that they are in need of racers. Anyone can read this forum, as well as post in it. Fellow racers may answer your questions.

His forum is ONLY for Ski to Sea team related posts and may not be used for advertisements or any other unrelated business.

REGISTRATION IN FORUM: In order to POST messages, you must register in this forum. The forum registration is completely separate from your Race Registration. You DO NOT need to register if you simply want to read messages.

For best results, post a message AND search through other threads. For example, if I'm a team captain looking for a kayaker, I would post a message in the "Teams Looking for Racers" thread. In addition to that, I would search through the "Racers Looking for Teams" thread to find messages posted by individual racers, in hopes of finding a kayaker. Make sense?
edited by admin on 12/7/2017
4/19/2016 3:42:08 PM
Places to rent equipment for Ski to Sea Hello, all! Need to rent equipment for the Ski to Sea Race? Below is a link to a list of regional recreational outfitters that have equipment for rent. Good luck and have fun!

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