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2/10/2015 10:06:15 AM

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The main purpose of this forum is to allow folks who want to race in the Ski to Sea to join this "Orphan's List" The Orphan's List is for anyone who needs a find a team to join, or for teams to post messages that they are in need of racers. Anyone can read this forum, as well as post in it. Fellow racers may answer your questions.

His forum is ONLY for Ski to Sea team related posts and may not be used for advertisements or any other unrelated business.

REGISTRATION IN FORUM: In order to POST messages, you must register in this forum. The forum registration is completely separate from your Race Registration. You DO NOT need to register if you simply want to read messages.

For best results, post a message AND search through other threads. For example, if I'm a team captain looking for a kayaker, I would post a message in the "Teams Looking for Racers" thread. In addition to that, I would search through the "Racers Looking for Teams" thread to find messages posted by individual racers, in hopes of finding a kayaker. Make sense?
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Home » How this Forum Works » How this works

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